Who am I?

I am an Agile Coach, Co-Founder of Girls Who Code Romania, Scrum Master, Lean enthusiast, mother, lover of self-managed team, believer that people really do want to give their best to work (if only they are allowed to), and continuous learning.

I got into Agile way back, in 2003, just that I didn’t know it 🙂 I worked in a car plant (Dacia-Renault, Romania), as a Purchasing Manager. Dacia was imitating a lot of the Toyota Production Systems (TPS) – Lean practices (value stream mapping, eliminating waste, kanban, pull systems, etc.). I found it fascinating, but it didn’t come with the Toyota’s respect for people and leadership practices.

Later on, as a consultant in operations and then Project Manager (Consultant) in software development implementation I ran into more issues and problems, and half-implemented lean / TPS practices, but every single time just the mechanics on their own, without the supporting management philosophy and continuous learning.

In my projects and experience with lean manufacturing / lean operations, something was always missing. I didn’t know what until I discovered the Agile Manifesto and started my journey to becoming agile.

I first worked with the DSDM framework, then got into Scrum about four years ago as a Product Owner and Scrum Master. I continued in the last couple of years with Kanban, Scrumban, XP, and currently I’m leading the implementation of LeSS in my company, my current role being Agile Coach.

It took me more than ten years of experimenting with Agile frameworks to understand what being Agile is. It’s not about the practices, tools, systems, frameworks – even though absolutely everyone focuses religiously on those – it’s about the mindset, values and principles behind. And it’s not about Scrum, Lean, XP, LeSS, SAFe or another framework, it’s about learning, experimenting and adapting continuously, no mater the tools you use. That, I believe is the first thing to learn about becoming agile.

Who is this blog for?

Being Agile is too valuable to stick to software development or companies. You can be agile in your personal life, with your family, in any approach you take to reach an objective.

I will be writing about frameworks (Scrum, LeSS, XP, lean), people (self-managed team, the agile manager, managers as coaches, feedback, communication), coaching (as part of my journey to become a certified coach), agile parenting, and any other way you can use an agile approach to improve your life. 

I will also share my path to learning to code 🙂 from that struggle Girls Who Code Romania and amazing initiatives to support women who want to learn to code were born.

Please say hi if you drop by and find anything of interest here.